Update 1/26

Here’s what I’ve been up to:


I’m working on a fantasy novel I started last summer. It’s progressing very well, I’m over 20,000 words in.

I’ve also started working on a new project based on an old idea. I won’t say much about it yet because I’m not too certain of it, but if I finish this it will probably be very soon and I’ll probably release it for free.

Speaking of writing, I’ve been taking part in Word Wars on the Shut Up and Write subreddit. It’s a lot of fun. More info here: http://www.reddit.com/r/shutupandwrite/


I finished editing Six and Seven a while ago. I’m working on finding a home for it.


I’ve been reading Planet of Exile by Ursula K. Le Guin. I’m not normally a fan of poetic prose, but in this book it works very well. It’s written gorgeously.

I’ve also been reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. I’m very early in, and so far it seems like things I normally wouldn’t care about. I figure it’s been roughly seven pages (I’m reading an e-book so I’m not sure) of information I’m indifferent to involving one character, now and then sprinkled with very exciting and interesting things about another character. Somehow, all of it has me hooked, even the parts that I would normally find useless or even stop reading because of. Gaiman has a very strong voice, I think that’s holding it together and making even the boring parts worth reading.

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