Works In Progress

The Foreland

Agent Kenner Fense works for the Colony Defense Bureau, attempting to maintain order in the space colonies hundreds of years after they lost contact with Earth. The colonists remember the planet only as The Foreland, a place where everyone was upper-tech, crime was minimal, and nobody struggled to survive.

On a mission to assassinate a crime lord, everything changes when Fense meets one of his henchman, a young woman named Ashes. Ash opens Fense’s eyes to the disturbing reality of what the CDB really does, and the two of them take to the stars, with their former employers on their heels. Tired of the violence that marks each colonist’s life, Fense and Ash want only to move on, but it’s a small solar system, and there’s nowhere to hide. Their only true escape might be the one place no one knows how to reach: The Foreland.

Complete, science fiction, 67,000 words. Currently querying agents.

Let the Moonlight Give You Wings

Emery is the oldest child at an orphanage. It’s a hard life for Emery, as she helps take care of the other kids between chores and school. Emery often daydreams about a fantasy world full of magic and mythical beings, and one night, Emery goes to sleep only to wake up in a world not unlike that of her dreams.

All dreams must end, and when morning comes, Emery finds herself awake in her old life. Much to her surprise, however, when she goes to sleep that night, her dream picks up right where it left off.

Emery is caught between a world that desperately needs her and one that seems as though it doesn’t want her, and embarks on a journey to save them both from disaster.

Let the Moonlight Give You Wings is currently planned as an RPG video game and an accompanying novel. The video game is in progress using RPG Maker VX Ace.

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