The Ones Who Follow the Water Release

It feels strange posting a book release almost directly after posting said book’s announcement, but what can I say? My November has found me occupied with writing a new project, which I’m just about finished with the beginnings of.

My fantasy novel The Ones Who Follow the Water is available now, at the links below.

The Ones Who Follow the Water front cover

The town of Welby is surrounded by a high wall, erected in long-forgotten days when people remembered their magic and Immortals walked the earth.
Oren and Carah grew up together in Welby, but when Oren makes a mistake that could get Carah exiled, he has no choice but to climb over the wall and enter the unknown world beyond, following a river and looking for a necklace.
The world is full of creatures and people Oren never dreamed of, but friend and foe alike offer him the same advice: Don’t follow the water.
Oren’s journey leads him to an impossible castle, and inside, Oren finds the necklace, and a reason to never go back home.

Amazon • Apple iBooksGoogle Play • Barnes & Noble • Kobo •  Smashwords • Hardcover (Lulu)

Thanks for sticking with me, checking out my books, reading my reviews, and especially to those who leave reviews of your own.

For now, I’m going to get back to my NaNoWriMo project. After that… I have my eyes on the horizon, and I see some exciting things.

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