I’ve mentioned my little project I’m calling “Scenes” before. The basic idea is I take pictures (some new, most of them old ones lying around my hard drive) and put somewhat-related excerpts of my writing over them. It’s mostly for fun: Picking a photo, picking an excerpt, choosing a font, arranging it, applying effects to it, etc.

I mostly post these on the facebook page for In the Lone and Level Sands, since so far all of the scenes I’ve made are from that book. I do plan on making some for my other writing, but the zombie apocalypse epic was the most inspiring, so that’s where I started.

I’ve also been posting the project on my tumblr page, and today I finally got it up and running on this site as well. It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought, since WordPress has a built in “gallery” feature, and it even adds some nice effects (like randomly arranging the photos in a grid, which I like). You can find it under “Samples” in the navigation bar, or through this URL:

The idea is to have a separate page for scenes from each of my books, when I finally get around to doing some from the others. I might do a few of my poems, as well.

Speaking of which, I’m almost finished with my poetry book. A few poems need cleaning up, even fewer need finishing, and then it’s mostly a matter of waiting a while before going back and editing the whole thing. I’m kicking a few titles around; I have yet to find one I’m in love with.

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