Editing Six and Seven

I haven’t posted in a while but I haven’t stopped working, I promise. I was sick for a week or two, and now I’m feeling a lot better. Work was slow, but it never stops.

I started editing Six and Seven, that novella I posted about a while back. It’s going very smoothly, and I really like this story.

Editing! (I’m better at doing that than drawing, if you couldn’t tell).

I’ve also been writing. I’m nearly 20,000 words into my latest project, and that’s going pretty smoothly as well.

I’m still working on finding an agent for one of my manuscripts, and things are looking all right on the self-publishing side of things, too.

I have a few ideas for more blog posts regarding advice, tips, what I’ve learned in general, that sort of thing.

You may have noticed I posted pretty much nothing regarding NaNoWriMo last month. Sorry. I participated up to a point, but I decided I’d rather focus on things that were already on my plate.

What are you up to?

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