Sharpening my sword.

I’ve had this WordPress site for a long time, but never used it. Guess it’s time I start.

I’m hoping to make this site a sort of hub for information on or related to my writing career. Hopefully this will be news, updates, excerpts et cetera. It’ll also contain links to and comments on various websites or contests or general information, and now and then I may post a book review. On my sidebar you’ll find my “currently reading” shelf from GoodReads, which is a site you should check out, and any reviews I post will likely be copied from there.

I may post reviews of games or music or movies as well; this blog is about writing, so I’m hoping to use it to just write.

You have to read every day and write every day, but you can’t publish everything you write down. Most of it will be crap. But it’s something you have to do, it’s like sharpening your sword or putting air in your tires. That’s what I want to accomplish with this.

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